An event featuring the autumn moon will be held at Shinjuku Station’s Southern Terrace this October. The event is held under the theme of Otsukimi or moon-viewing, which is a traditional custom in autumn in Japan. People pray for a good harvest and eat rice dumplings known as Otsukimi Dango. Shinjuku Southern Terrace Square is turned into a cozy and relaxing space during the period, and Otsukimi-themed art work is displayed at the center of the square. This art work uses 300 Sanbo, a stand used to hold Otsukimi Dango.

On October 19, a music concert by three artists will be held around the art work. Entry to the concert is free. An open-air fair is planned on October 20 at Southern Terrace Square and Odakyu Southern Tower entrance on the second floor. Various artists will get together and sell hand-made accessories, Japanese goods and more. Aside from these events, food trucks will offer visitors Otsukimi foods and other hot foods including lobster rolls from Luke’s Lobster. You may even find your favorite book from the event’s Book Truck to read through the autumn nights.

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