Asobisystem Co., a company dedicated to bringing Harajuku culture to the world, has teamed up with Airbnb managers Rokuyon to create a brand-new Airbnb-based concept known as Moshi Moshi Rooms.

Moshi Moshi Rooms is dedicated to providing one-of-a-kind accommodations you won’t find anywhere else. Just take a look at their first room, which is called “Sakura.” This ultra-kawaii room, found in the heart of Harajuku, is decorated with a giant monument to sakura, or cherry blossoms, which symbolize Japan. Carrying on the sakura theme, the living room, sofa and pretty much everything else is pink too!

The room isn’t just for staying overnight: it can also be rented for parties and events.

For more information, visit the official Airbnb listing or PR TIMES (Japanese only)