Aoba-Japan Extension has found just the balance for the kind of learning that really matters.

Where does success begin? It sprouts from vibrant, nourishing communities that challenge young minds to think and grow. Through applied, communicative learning programs that emphasize “thought, engagement, application, and evaluation,” Aoba-Japan Extension (AJE) has created this very kind of environment.

Offering Action Saturday School and seasonal camps, AJE’s programs are designed for students seeking to improve their English through activity. All are welcome, from kindergarten level up to 18 years old. The programs use an innovative and fun combination of communication, inclusion, culture, sports, friendship, and new experiences to teach students about subjects including geography, society, technology, engineering, and the arts.

Greg Culos, AJE Director, notes that the program is “based on the idea that children will learn if they are given the ability to be inspired and motivated by the things that they do … through engagement and involvement.” It just takes a quick glance at the roster of AJE teachers to know that inspiration indeed awaits. The jazz dance instructor was once part of Broadway’s Cats, the science and technology teacher used to work for the Red Cross, and the soccer coach played on France’s U18 national team. As they say, it’s the people that make the place.

Pick Your Perfect Program

For each of the different programs offered by AJE, it is all about “doing things, making stuff, going places, and building community,” says Culos. Here’s a quick look at the variety on offer.

The Action Saturday School

One of the newest additions to the lineup, having begun in April 2017. It has already become so popular that its operations have expanded to six locations (Meguro, Waseda, Motoazabu, Nishiazabu, and Mitaka), and this number will soon reach 10. Mornings are dedicated to learning English and other subjects, and afternoons are comprised of games, performance arts, sports, and activities to reinforce morning lessons. AJE’s curriculum is student-centered, with teachers acting as mentors and observers, with a different theme every few months.

Annual Events

AJE regularly takes part in or hosts events along with the non-profit organization Nadia, the Hikarigaoka community, and the Junior Soccer League. Two of the most popular events to look out for are the U12 Nadia-Tohoku International Soccer Friendly, and the Aoba All Star Soccer Weekend.

Seasonal Camps

AJE offers their flagship Kids and Teens Summer Camp, a Winter Discovery Camp, a Mid Winter Sports Training Camp, and a Spring Adventure Camp. Activities and themes change according to the season; for example, during summer kids might go river rafting, while in winter they can enjoy skiing. Aside from fun excursions, there are of course plenty of educational lessons and exercises, always based on AJE’s philosophy of communication-immersion experiences. The Summer Camp runs for five weeks from mid-July to mid-August, while the other camps are shorter (and students are also welcome to sign up for only part of each camp). During the upcoming Spring Adventure Camp, which runs for five days at the end of March, students will “learn how to interact with nature for life, leisure, and awareness.”

AJE’s Spring Adventure Camp 2018 will be held in Nagatoro, Saitama, from March 26 to 30, 2018. For more information and to sign up, visit

Coming Soon

From spring 2018, AJE is introducing AJE After School Programs in Tokyo.

Lessons will be offered from Monday to Friday and will be based on the “best things we do in our camps.”

For more information and to reserve a spot, visit