This weekend is an especially exciting one for the Tokyo Weekender team. On March 26, we are hosting our very first magazine release party. If you’re eager to get your hands on our latest issue or simply want to meet the team in person, be sure to secure your ticket. Also happening this week is a special exhibition featuring AMIAYA’s enviable fashion senses as well as other small exhibitions.

1. TW Magazine March Issue Release Party

Come out and celebrate the release of TW’s next issue at the art gallery Earth+Gallery where the photo-realistic oil painter Peter Leghorn will exhibit select pieces, The Voice semi-finalist Josiah Hawley will perform live and QPLO will bring a disco dance fever to the virtual images of The NEERD. All of this will be tied together by DJ Zuma.’s chill experimental groove.

Note: TW readers get a 10% discount on the event ticket by entering the code: TKYWD.

When: Mar 26 | Tickets

2. Roses and Castles IX

Roses and Castles presents the ninth installment of its monthly art and music event featuring upcoming artists, musicians, DJs, performers, and if you’re feeling a bit peckish, a New York-inspired vendor selling some famous chicken over rice.

The sole purpose for the creation of this platform has been to build an international creative community and to give artists an opportunity to share their talents while also inspiring and supporting each other in a collaborative effort.

When: Mar 26 | More info

3. AMIAYA x STREET Photo Exhibition

Ami and Aya Suzuki, known as the twin unit AMIAYA, have attracted attention from around the world as fashion icons. In collaboration with Street, a street fashion magazine in Japan, the duo will hold a photo exhibition and unveil a new photo collection book, AMIAYA x STREET TOKYO FASHION 2021ss. Captured and collected by Street editor-in-chief and photographer Shoichi Aoki, the collection of photos is set on a street in Harajuku where the twins portray the charm of the latest Tokyo fashion.

When: Until Mar 30 | More info

4. Togetherness: Design Exhibition by Esther Sandler

Since January 2022, I AM gallery in Higashi-Nagasaki has been exhibiting the products of designer and illustrator Esther Sandler, under the name “Togetherness.” Togetherness is a label launched by Sandler, under which she creates products such as textiles, ceramics and cards. In addition to bold colors and beautiful designs, the creator is particularly proud of the environmentally friendly production, such as eschewing the use of harmful chemical substances and utilizing natural fibers that can be decomposed.

When: Until Mar 27 | More info

5. Aaron Garber-Maikovska: “Cushion of Air”

Blum & Poe presents “Cushion of Air,” the second solo exhibition of Los Angeles-based artist Aaron Garber-Maikovska.

The work presented depicts Garber-Maikovska in a state of performative movement where he channels the human condition through his gestures captured and recorded in ink and oil on fluted polypropylene boards. Furthering the artist’s explorations of communication, interpersonal connection, urban sprawl and the body, the pieces that comprise this exhibition act as memorandums of the visual language that he has developed throughout his works of art.

When: Until May 7 | More info

6. Shibuya Parco Sustainability Pop-up: “CYCLE”

See a variety of events relating to sustainability on different floors of Shibuya Parco, including artworks exhibited on the second floor, a mobile bookstore handling old books from around the world on the first floor, a rooftop flea market and more.

Shibuya Parco continues to encourage sustainable activities as an environmentally friendly next-generation fashion building.

When: Until Mar 27 | More info

yayoi kusama museum new exhibition

7. Yayoi Kusama Museum New Exhibition: A POEM IN MY HEART

The Yayoi Kusama Museum in Tokyo has completely changed its selection, making the visit a fresh new experience even for frequent patrons. The latest exhibition is titled “A POEM IN MY HEART,” showing some of Kusama’s rare works such as nihonga paintings and collages. Also on display are her latest works, some as late as 2020. A few of the works in the museum are being exhibited for the first time.

The room-size installation and the rooftop sculpture have been changed too. “I’m Here, but Nothing” is a new room-size fluorescent installation on the fourth floor, while the rooftop sculpture that used to be a pumpkin when the museum first opened is now a mesmerizing work called “LIFE.”

When: Until Aug 28 | More info

8. New in Shibuya: VCM Market Booth

The social project “SKWAT” and graphic designer Toru Kase have launched a joint project titled “4202122” that seeks to address the structural challenges of commercial facilities. The interior of the space will be updated regularly with shops, event spaces and galleries.

Vintage Collection Mall (VCM) is an online vintage mall in Japan with well-known vintage stores that usually develop on the road. On February 25, VCM Market Booth, Japan’s largest gathering of fashion, interior and lifestyle genres, opened inside Shibuya Parco.

When: The current installment will last until fall 2022 | More info

masumi calligraphy exhibition

9. Calligraphy Exhibition “Sayonara Sucker” by Masumi

Masumi Yamada is an exciting and dynamic calligraphy artist, based in New York and Tokyo, who has been involved in the traditional Japanese art form since she was only three. In more recent times, however, she has turned her attention to exploring more controversial emotions and concepts such as “sad and horny” in her art. Her latest exhibition, provocatively titled “Sayonara Sucker,” is exhibited at Makuhari Neighborhood Pod in Chiba Prefecture. It’s a gorgeous display of modern calligraphy that shouldn’t be missed.

When: Until Mar 31 | More info

Top and feature image by Allan Abani