Designed by architect Rafael Viñoly, the Tokyo International Forum is an extraordinary, unflawed piece of modern architecture, and a gem of Tokyo. It is fitting that this weekend the forum hosts Art Fair Tokyo 2019, a prestigious annual gathering of local and international artists, and the largest art fair in Japan. In addition to live music, galactic photography and special events honoring International Women’s Day, Tokyo has everything on offer to make your weekend flawless.

Photo by Yosuke Takeda

Art Fair Tokyo 2019

In addition to being the largest art fair in Japan, Art Fair Tokyo is also the oldest art fair in Asia. More than 160 exhibitors will display a wide range of art, from antiques and crafts to Nihonga painting to modern and contemporary art.

John Grant

The acclaimed singer-songwriter, whose unique clear vocals and powerful punching melodies span across various genres, garnered a slew of new Japanese fans last year after figure skater Daisuke Takahashi used Grant and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra’s 2014 version of Pale Green Ghosts as his backing music at the All-Japan figure skating championship.

DexSessions: This&That Café Vol.42 “Balance for Better”

TokyoDex’s special edition of their regular event, This&That Café, commemorates International Women’s Day by shining a spotlight on some of the city’s fabulous female creators.

Olga Alexopoulou: “The Blue Hour”

Alexopoulou’s most recent art celebrates Quantum Blue, a pure color reminiscent of the period of a day known as the blue hour – that brief period of twilight before sunrise or after sunset.

Taking Injustice Personally: Human Rights Research on the Frontlines

Amnesty International’s senior direct of research Anna Neistat talks about her experiences conducting some of the most challenging and dangerous research work in the world.

TeNQ: “Journey Through the Stars”

This special exhibition at the Tokyo Dome’s TeNQ Space Museum displays out-of-this-world photos captured from outer space, courtesy of NASA.

Nerd Nite #31: Big in Japan

Get funky with artificial intelligence at this special edition of Nerd Nite, where three smart speakers share their unique interests with a curious crowd.

Flea Market at Toshimaen Amusement Park

The charming old amusement park in west Tokyo hosts a family-oriented event with lots of children’s toys, clothes and essentials on sale throughout the park and around the various rides and attractions.