Even with Valentine’s Day being in the middle of the week this year, the following weekend still retains an atmosphere of love. For those who couldn’t settle a date on February 14, or those who simply want to express their appreciation of platonic love, be sure to include in your calendar one of these fun outings, including special cocktail evenings, flower festivals and more.

Hayashi Chiho “Artificial Lover & True Love” 2016/2019 Mixed media installation, Dimensions variable, 4 min. 30 sec. (video), Music: Keiichiro Shibuya, Words: Keiichiro Shibuya, Hayashi Chiho, Vocal: Hayashi Chiho

Roppongi Crossing 2019: Connections

Amateurs of contemporary arts can visit the Mori Art Museum, which opened its latest edition of their Roppongi Crossing exhibitions last Saturday. This exhibit features the work of around 25 artists and collectives, and focuses on the theme of “connexions”: our connection with technology, with society and how we connect the two. With the exhibit being full of pop culture and political references, you could spend hours in each room trying to find them all.

Love with TeNQ

If you’ve been looking to espace the city in hope of finding a night sky full of stars, look no further than TeNQ at Tokyo Dome. A unique spot for a romantic date, visitors can sip on one of the galactic cocktails at the Bar 2000, learn about their future from a celestial fortune reading. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the museum has decorated its halls and couples can participate in special crafts workshops.

Bitter Sweet Love

How about expressing your love for your favorite band or artist? Bitter Sweet Love is an event that allows people to do just that, in the comfy setting of the Sputnik Bar in Azabujuban. For the occasion, it will offer dark, milk and white chocolate, in addition to cakes and other sweets. They even promise a chocolate fountain with a variety of fruits, great for those looking to indulge and treat themselves to a sugary dinner.

World Orchid Exhibition 2019

Those who love a good old, but always appreciated, flower bouquet should head to Tokyo Dome for the 2019 edition of the World Orchid Exhibition. Surround yourself with the delicate fragrance, vivid colors and fascinating textures of plants and flowers from around the world, perfect if you’re (im)patiently wait for spring and summer weather.

Japanese Plum Garden at Koishikawa Korakuen

Get a little avant-goût of the highly anticipated hanami season, and stroll through the Edo garden among the blossoming plum trees. The park will hold a small festival with traditional music and performances, workshops and even guided tours. Stands will be selling plants for those who need a little green in their life, along with refreshments and unique souvenirs.

Daichi Miura One End Tour

Dance the night away to Daichi Miura’s R&B, dance and pop tunes. The Japanese singer has been producing, writing and choreographing his own songs from the age of 17, with a repertoire spanning over seven albums and 22 singles. Spectators will not only witness an incredible performance, but are guaranteed a lively evening.