Coffee lovers rejoice: Hatagaya coffee hub Mia Mia is celebrating its second anniversary with a special festival featuring a guest list of star baristas. Or you could attend Tokyo LoveHotel’s monthly get-together featuring art, music and more.

Image design by Asuka Watanabe

1. Mia Mia’s Coffee Festival Featuring Star Baristas

Mia Mia has been energizing the community with excellent coffee and a welcoming space for two years now.

The coffee shop has invited nine of Japan’s superstar baristas, or “baristars” as they are playfully referred to by Mia Mia’s Vaughan Allison, to celebrate its second anniversary. These include Taka Ishitani (two-time Japan Barista Champion), Miki Suzuki (three-time Japan Barista Champion), Noburo Ueno (Japan’s oldest active barista), Fuglen’s Kenji Kojima and even tea master Cameron, among others.

All nine experts will be crafting different coffee drinks over a period of three days, accompanied by good food and good music.

2. Tokyo Lovehotels Vol. 28 #MADEINTOKYO

Tokyo Lovehotels is returning with an exhibition titled #MADEINTOKYO seemingly drawing inspiration from this season’s Japanese cherry blossoms.

Tokyo LoveHotels is an art-event organization where local and international talents of all backgrounds gather to share a night of art, music and experiences. Here, artists are given a platform and space to perform, promote, exhibit and sell their work. There are DJs and live music performances, live painting, a bar to socialize, local pop-ups and even a pop-up kitchen if you’re feeling a bit peckish.

Disclaimer: Despite its salacious title, all age groups are welcome to the event. However, it should be forewarned that the exhibits, performances and affiliated artistry could present themes of an adult nature. Viewer discretion is advised for younger attendees.

3. Aaron Garber-Maikovska: “Cushion of Air”

Blum & Poe presents “Cushion of Air,” the second solo exhibition of Los Angeles-based artist Aaron Garber-Maikovska.

The work presented depicts Garber-Maikovska in a state of performative movement where he channels the human condition through his gestures captured and recorded in ink and oil on fluted polypropylene boards. Furthering the artist’s explorations of communication, interpersonal connection, urban sprawl and the body, the pieces that comprise this exhibition act as memorandums of the visual language that he has developed throughout his works of art.

When: Until May 7 | More info

yayoi kusama museum new exhibition

4. Yayoi Kusama Museum New Exhibition: A POEM IN MY HEART

The Yayoi Kusama Museum in Tokyo has completely changed its selection, making the visit a fresh new experience even for frequent patrons. The latest exhibition is titled “A POEM IN MY HEART,” showing some of Kusama’s rare works such as nihonga paintings and collages. Also on display are her latest works, some as late as 2020. A few of the works in the museum are being exhibited for the first time.

The room-size installation and the rooftop sculpture have been changed too. “I’m Here, but Nothing” is a new room-size fluorescent installation on the fourth floor, while the rooftop sculpture that used to be a pumpkin when the museum first opened is now a mesmerizing work called “LIFE.”

When: Until Aug 28 | More info

5. New in Shibuya: VCM Market Booth

The social project “SKWAT” and graphic designer Toru Kase have launched a joint project titled “4202122” that seeks to address the structural challenges of commercial facilities. The interior of the space will be updated regularly with shops, event spaces and galleries.

Vintage Collection Mall (VCM) is an online vintage mall in Japan with well-known vintage stores that usually develop on the road. On February 25, VCM Market Booth, Japan’s largest gathering of fashion, interior and lifestyle genres, opened inside Shibuya Parco.

When: The current installment will last until fall 2022 | More info