Tsuyu is upon us and we’re ready for hydrangea season. Head out this week with an umbrella for m.s.t.’s live jazz performances at Peter, or check out Jörgen Axelvall’s solo art exhibition, “Looking Up.” There’s also this year’s annual Short Shorts Film Festival and other cultural endeavors to indulge in over the coming seven days.

1. “Center Stage” at Peter Supported by Blue Note Tokyo

The Peninsula Tokyo’s bar and grill restaurant, Peter, is delighted to present the Center Stage series supported by Blue Note Tokyo, the city’s premier location for live jazz performances. The Center Stage series aims to spotlight talented up-and-coming Japanese jazz artists who will perform their music live at Peter whilst guests enjoy the restaurant’s signature steak and grilled fare crafted by Chef de Cuisine Masateru Kiriyama. The next event on June 9 will feature live music by m.s.t. (make the scenery tune), a duo consisting of pianist Shoko Mochiyama and bassist Naoki Koyama.

When: Jun 9 | More Info

2. Photographers and Digital Artists Meet-up at The Hive Jinnan

The Hive always strives to be a gathering place for the community, helping facilitate meet-ups and networking events. This time, they ask all photographers and digital artists to join a creative gathering with the Artedly community.

Artedly helps photographers and digital artists exhibit their work in Tokyo – and they also provide most of the art displayed at the Hive Jinnan.

When: Jun 10 | More Info

Jörgen Axelvall

Jörgen Axelvall

3. Looking Up: A Solo Exhibition by Jörgen Axelvall

“Looking Up” is a solo exhibition by Jörgen Axelvall with all works for it done during, and revolving around, the Covid-19 pandemic and Axelvall’s battle with cancer. Each dramatic approach of an airplane, the repetitive but unique scenes playing out while looking up, evokes a sense of awe in Axelvall.

When: Until Jun 12 | More Info

4. Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2022

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2022 (aka SSFF & Asia 2022) is Asia’s biggest international short film festival and it’s accredited by the Academy Awards. This year, it’ll take place throughout June at various venues in Tokyo as well as online.

The festival’s theme this time is “Meta Cinema: Transcend, Discover, Begin” and will have a virtual theater experience, short films made with AI-generated scripts and an analysis of films using brain waves.

Among other categories, the Smartphone Film Competition supported by Sony’s Xperia will take place for the second time in SSFF & Asia 2022. This year, it includes a short film submission by a 13-year-old director, the youngest in the history of the competition.

When: Until Jun 20 | More Info

5. Yuri Kezuka: “What am I? What I am.”

Yuri Kezuka is a ceramic artist who uses household items such as faucets, buckets, showers and desks. She philosophically considers emotional movements, skepticism and the irony of social conventions. Up until now, Kezuka has pondered who she truly is. A writer or a housewife? A potter or an artist? Many people in the world ask themselves similar questions, however, even if life seemingly tries to guide the majority, they might become something else. Kezuka noticed this and believes that everything is multidimensional. Understanding, she feels, will not be born unless we accept things as they are and attempt to make them good.

When: Until Jun 18 | More Info