Catch the last few days of the hydrangea season at the Wonderful Nature Village, or if you want to hide from the heat and enjoy art, here are some art exhibitions to tickle your fancy this week including a cool party at Trunk (Hotel).

1. A[R]T The Hotel Party & Art Exhibition

The online magazine, connects people with culture, products with context, subcultures with eras and artists with the world. Based in Tokyo with international content, it’s now hosting a party and art exhibition at Trunk Hotel in July.

The party is on July 1, while the exhibition lasts from July 1 to July 5.

When: Jul 1-5 | More Info


The 46th annual Hydrangea Festival is held at the Tokyo Summerland Wanderlust Nature Village until early July. Located in Akiruno, in the outskirts to the west of Tokyo, it’s an easy day trip. The large area will feature approximately 15,000 hydrangeas in 60 varieties, including “Annabelle’s Snow Mountain,” where pure white Annabelle hydrangeas grow in clusters. It’s a refreshing walk along the hiking trail leading to the mountain, surrounded by the big blossoms.
When: Until Jul 10 | More Info

3. Snoopy Museum: “Laugh and Smile” Exhibition

Charles M. Schulz, the creator of “Peanuts,” was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on November 26, 1922 and grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of his birth and as a result, a variety of events are planned in Japan and the United States.

One of those events is the “Laugh and Smile” Exhibition where the rich variety of laughter in “Peanuts” is introduced with many original drawings.

When: Until Jul 10 | More Info

4. Satoru Tamura Solo Exhibition: “Spinning Crocodiles”

In commemoration of its 15th anniversary, the National Art Center Tokyo will hold a solo exhibition of contemporary artist, Satoru Tamura. Tamura has been creating mainly tridimensional artworks that move by electricity. This exhibition will present one of his masterpieces, “Spinning Crocodiles.”

For this exhibition, utilizing the wide space of the National Art Center Tokyo, Tamura designed Spin Crocodile Garden, a large-scale installation in which 1,100 crocodiles, in varying sizes, spin along with a newly constructed 12-meter-long giant crocodile at the center. It is a garden where lots of colorful sculptures of crocodiles made of urethane, Styrofoam and paper clay keep spinning through the use of electricity and motors.

When: Until Jul 18 | More Info


5. Yurina Okada Art Exhibition – “RAW”

Yurina Okada has been actively exhibiting her works since her university days. She has been selected for The Art of Color Dior 2019 (France, 2019) and won the Art Award Marunouchi 2018 Shigeo Goto Prize (Tokyo, 2018).

Okada is an artist who fuses painting and photography. She transfers photographs onto semi-dry modeling paste that has been fixed to a support and incorporates the cracks created in the drying process into her expression. The accidental cracks strongly appeal visually to the viewer’s sense of impermanence, as in “the beauty of things” and the idea that all things are not eternal.

When: Jul 1-31 | More Info