In the opening episode of anime director Masaaki Yuasa’s 10-part Netflix series Devilman Crybaby, ravers are slashed with a knife to lure in demons with their blood, and a frenetic slaughter ensues. Ahead of Halloween, it is fitting that the Tokyo International Film Festival invites guests to dress in costume for the screening of the entire Devilman Crybaby series – called Netflix’s first anime masterpiece – during Friday’s midnight film marathon. While Halloween parties are abound in Tokyo this weekend, check out the host of other must-attend attractions, including jazz, ramen, and photography festivals.

DEVILMAN crybaby, 2018, (c) Go Nagai-Devilman Crybaby Project, Netflix

Tokyo International Film Festival

While the red carpet opening for the 31st Tokyo International Film Festival is a star-studded affair, the weekend’s highlight is the guest appearance of legendary actor Koji Yakusho, who introduces his latest gritty gangster thriller, The Blood of Wolves.


Kawasaki Halloween 2018

With the annual costume parade, dancing pumpkins, and collaboration with the underground hit zombie film One Cut of the Dead, Japan’s original Halloween blowout is expected to be more spine-chilling than ever.


Dia de Muertos Tokyo 2018

Made socially acceptable by Pixar’s film Coco, Mexico’s Day of the Dead festival, whose origins’ date back to the Aztec empire, honors the deceased with macabre parades and festivals. Tokyo’s impressive copycat affair showcases skeletal Calavera dancing, mariachi music, tacos and cempasuchil cocktails.


Asagaya Jazz Streets 2018

From world-class musicians to up-and-coming stars and amateur enthusiasts, the world of jazz is encompassed in this lively event taking over 70 Asagaya venues, cafés and shops.


Masahisa Fukase, Color Approach, 1962, © Masahisa Fukase Archives

Tokyographie 2018

Incapacitated after a careless fall in 1992, Masahisa Fukase died in 2012 without ever resuming his photography career. Only now have his groundbreaking color works received international recognition. The late photographer headlines a host of photo exhibitions to be displayed throughout Tokyo over the ensuing two months.


Ikebukuro Halloween Cosplay Festival 2018

Rather than ghosts and goblins more than 10,000 Halloween pranksters dress up as Mashu Kyrelight, Sailor Scouts and Hatsune Miku (more on her later).


Tokyo Ramen Show 2018

Slurp up oodles of steaming noodles steeped in everything from Hokkaido’s tangy miso broth to Kyushu’s thick, creamy and meaty tonkotsu soup.

46th Oedo-Kakki Parade Nihonbashi-Kyobashi Festival

This mammoth parade and festival boasts over 2,000 performers dancing, prancing, and shuffling their way down Chuo Dori in Nihonbashi.

Hibiya Cinema Festival 2018

In conjunction with the 31st Tokyo International Film Festival, come lounge at Hibiya Step Square and watch free movies on a massive outdoor screen.


Tokyo’s 150th Anniversary Festival

Head to Hamarikyu Gardens to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Tokyo’s naming day with a slew of high-tech attractions, including an appearance from Vocaloid virtual star  Hatsune Miku.