As we enter July, the rainy season will slowly give way to summer sunshine. During this season, Kamakura and the area of Shonan offer exciting summer activities. The coast is full of beaches, seasonal cafés and restaurants with several eateries adding summer items to their menus. Here is a local’s update on what new things are happening in and around Kamakura in July 2021. 

Seasonal Activities

Absorb the Sun at Morito Coast

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to beaches around the area of Shonan, but a day at Morito coast in Hayama never gets old. With crystal clear water and clean sand, accompanied by a picturesque view of Mount Fuji and Morito Shrine’s Torii in the background, it’s a perfect summer retreat.

Beach houses are open this year in Hayama with certain safety measures. It’s perfect for a day trip from Tokyo during the whole summer.

Where: Horiuchi, Hayama, Miura

Food & Drink

before sunset cafe

Coffee Break at Before Sunset

Located just a stone’s throw away from Morito Beach, Before Sunset is a brand-new café and showroom produced by apparel brand Birthday Bash. At the café, you’ll find superb coffee, sandwiches and cakes from Kai Ei Rou in Hayama. It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. The café is spacious and bright, with both indoor and outdoor seating. You can also buy original fashion items.

When: Weekdays (7:30am until sunset), weekends (7am until sunset) | Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Where: 900 Horiuchi, Hayama, Miura

komachi chaya kakigori

Chill With Kakigori at Komachi Chaya

In order to escape the sizzling heat of Japan’s summer why not cool down with a delicious bowl of kakigori? This Japanese shaved ice is an old summer favorite, which these days features myriad toppings and syrup combinations. When in Kamakura, get your kakigori from Komachi Chaya. 

Komachi Chaya is a Japanese tea house located inside the i-ZA Kamakura building along the bustling street of Komachi Dori. They offer a great selection of extraordinary mouthwatering kakigori flavors.

The iconic Hydrangea Kakigori is the most popular seasonal item, particularly amongst Instagrammers. This year though, there are also some new additions to the menu. The Kamakura Komachi Fuwa-Toro (fluffy and creamy) Kakigori series is a blissful treat. The Shonan Gold Kakigori is another new flavor that will be available from July.

Where: 1-6-15 Komachi, Kamakura

garb enoshima kamakura

BBQ at Garb Enoshima’s Roof Top

As summer fills the air the sun calls us for a barbecue at the beach. Even better if combined with an icy cold beer. At the Garb Enoshima, you can indulge in a superb barbecue on their new rooftop, overlooking the beautiful Sagami Bay with Enoshima and Mt Fuji in the background. It’s a barbecue with a hint of luxury. 

Starting June 21, the first drink is on the house. A perfect excuse to pay them a visit and enjoy the summer nights. 

Where: 2-17-23, Katasekaigan, Fujisawa, Nakagawa

Fashion and Cultural Experience

kamakura kanon kimono

Dress in a Summer Kimono at Kamakura Kanon

As with any other clothes, your kimono wardrobe requires seasonal updates. With the heat rising in the summer, you need to shift to a lighter version. And for a short period of time during the summer, you can try this attire on at Kamakura Kanon, a rental Kimono shop located just five minutes on foot from the east exit of Kamakura Station.

With their full package, you get both a kimono and hairstyling. You can enjoy a romantic summer stroll around the ancient townscapes in your beautiful summer attire, just as people use to do back in the day. 

Advance reservation required. Please read the precautions about sizes on the website.

Where: 2-8-16, Komachi, Kamakura