We have to admit that eating one of these unique nigiri would feel a bit like destroying a work of art.

Born in Italy to Chinese parents, the chef and artist Yujia Hu has been getting plenty of online attention these days for his pieces that represent his love of hoops, food, and fashion. Playfully dubbed shoe-shi, these bite-sized pieces of footwear are made entirely from the same ingredients you’d find at sushi shops everywhere, from the exalted counter of Sukiyabashi Jiro to your corner kaitenzushi.

We’ve seen some clever sushi creations before, but these bite-sized kicks are really upping the food artistry game. You can check out the rest of Yujia Hu’s work on his Instagram account.



As you’ll see if you jump over to theonigiriart’s Instagram feed, shoe-shi isn’t the only art that Yujia Hu works on

(h/t to Creators)

All photos via Yujia Hu’s Instagram account, theonigiriart