Lego Conveyor Belt Sushi Scene Makes The Rounds



Lego hobbyist Dr. Pei recently built a wonderful kaiten-zushi scene, complete with operational conveyor belt.

The self-proclaimed Lego mad scientist debuted his interlocking toy brick creation on his blog to promote an appearance at the Winter Wonder Festival back in February. In addition to Dr. Pei’s signature Lego avatar, the crowded restaurant scene features quite a cast of characters: sushi chefs, a geisha, salarymen, samurai warriors, a masked wrestler, ninjas, astronauts and aliens, a TV crew shooting a remote segment, and even the BB-8 droid from “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens” makes an appearance riding around on the moving belt.

Apart from the clientele, the scene is quite accurate, down to the bathroom and dishwashing station. It should be a familiar sight to anyone who’s ever dined at one of these convenient eateries. Kaiten-zushi, or “sushi-go-round” restaurants are very popular casual dining spots in Japan, having experienced an initial boom in the 70s and going through different iterations since, following along with the latest trends. Most recently, personal touch-screen menus have been introduced for custom orders, with a specialized track delivering plates to individual diners. It can be a fun and mostly inexpensive meal, as long as you keep an eye on the growing stack of plates and stay away from pricey items. There’s no telling how many yen a BB-8 will set you back in Dr. Pei’s place.







For more on Dr. Pei, follow him on Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.

–Luca Eandi

Photos: Dr. Pei



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