The Aoyama St. Grace Cathedral in Omotesando has long been known as the lovers’ paradise. The impressive Western-style wedding venue has been the place of many proposals and nuptials, so when it came time to choosing the location for a love-themed dessert buffet, the choice was obvious.

The Lovely Strawberry Dessert Buffet 2020 event, conducted in collaboration with the Vino Buono restaurant, will take place at the Aoyama St. Grace Cathedral guest house on selected dates between January and March 2020. It will show off over 20 delicious heart-themed desserts made with strawberries, just in time for Valentine’s Day or White Day. The price of admission will be 3,920 yen for Adults, 1,800 yen for kids, and 1,000 yen for children ages 3-6.

For more information and dates, visit the PR TIMES (Japanese only).