For all the talk about preparing the city for a foreign influx ahead of the 2020 Olympics, one thing that’s taking a while to catch on in Tokyo is the whole concept of vegetarianism. While larger restaurants and cafes used to foreign foot traffic usually have a few veggie items on the menu, smaller mom-and-pop shops are often left scratching their heads when asked to prepare something niku nashi. And that’s before we even get to veganism.

This week, though, it was announced that a few vegan-friendly items are on the way, and from an unlikely source: Maidreamin, a popular chain of maid cafes. Yes, as of this month, vegans will be able to chow down on ramen served by young women dressed in maid outfits who refer to them as “master.”

There are quite a few things erroneously given the “only in Japan” label, but we’re pretty sure this one actually deserves it.

Maidreamin points out that Japan actually has its own version of veganism, shojin ryori, a cuisine eaten by Buddhist monks and other believers. Its shojin ryori-based ramen, which comes in soy sauce, miso, and spicy miso flavors, features broth and even a faux piece of ham made with soybeans. Each bowl goes for ¥1,100 before tax.

Vegans interested in ramen and maid cafes may have just found their dream destination.

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