Sparkling wine fans: get yourselves to the nearest Tokyu REI Hotel post-haste.

The hotel chain, which has branches throughout the country, is offering all-you-can-drink sparkling wine at four of its locations in Tokyo from May 8 to June 30.

Each of the four Tokyu REI Hotels in question (Shinbashi, Shibuya, Oomori and Kichijoji), in addition to sparkling white wine, are also offering up a variety of sparkling cocktails in flavors like strawberry, mango and blueberry. The cocktails are made by combining ice cubes made with fresh fruit juice and sparkling wine, making for a refreshing cocktail aimed at women but that sound, honestly, pretty darn tasty for both genders.

Sommeliers are also available to recommend dishes suitable for food pairings, like a lamb chop made from New Zealand lamb. The best part: the all-you-can drink plan is 1,500 for two hours (tax included).

Sparkly indeed.

For more details, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only)