The high quality beef known as wagyu is one of Japan’s most cherished delicacies. Its marbling and rich flavor has earned the love of meat fans from around the world, and wagyu has become shorthand for the ultimate in luxury. It’s also famous for being quite expensive, which is why it should come as no surprise that this recently announced wagyu bento box fetches a very hefty price.

Produced by the food delivery service Gochikuru, this massive bento comes in the shape of a cow, with sections created for the various cuts of meat – ten varieties in all, from tongue to filet, weighing in at about four kilograms (nearly nine pounds). The meat is sourced from Tottori Prefecture, which has recently won awards for producing some of the country’s best wagyu, and the bento is accompanied by 1.8kg (nearly four pounds) of Kinu Musume rice, which is produced in Tottori. The bento also comes with salt, lime, tare (dipping sauce) made with local pears, and an entire wasabi – also from Tottori. The total weight of the package, all ingredients included, is about 15kg (33 pounds); the wooden box, which measures 60 centimeters (23.6 inches) across, makes up plenty of the bulk. Orders for the bento will take about two weeks to process, so unlike most bento purchases, this won’t be a spur of the moment thing.

detail of luxury bento box

The other thing that prevents this from being a casual purchase? The total price tag for this meaty bento feast is ¥292,929 ($2604.13), tax included. It’s on sale until March 31. But in case you were thinking about getting together with a group of carnivorous friends over the holiday season to splash out on the most luxurious bento box we’ve ever seen, we’ve got bad news for you. They’re sold out until December 28, so you’ll have to wait until next year for your luxurious box lunch feast.

lots of beef piled high on rice

Images: Gochikuru