Raise your hand if you’ve ever watched a Studio Ghibli film and started to salivate. We thought so. The animation studio is well known for its compelling stories and beautiful characters, and now it’s adding food design to its list of accomplishments. Thanks to publisher Shufunotomo, you can be a Ghibli chef-in-training with the recipe book Ghibli’s Dining Table: Kiki’s Delivery Service. Preorders of the book were so popular that a reprint is being organized even before the original release date. 

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Eat Food Straight Out of a Ghibli Film

Inside the 64-page book are introductions to some of the dishes that have appeared in the movie, including original recipes. Die-hard Ghibli fans will recognize the herring and pumpkin pie, complete with an intricately designed pie top in the shape of fish and decorated with olive slices.

There’s also the iconic chocolate cake that Kiki receives from Madame, which honestly looks like a replica of how it appeared in the movie. It’s the accuracy and attention to detail that caught the eye of netizens online, resulting in the recipe book receiving such an overwhelming amount of preorders.

The sheer variety of main dishes, sides and even drinks means you’re all set for your next Studio Ghibli-themed home party. Here’s a list of all the dishes that you’ll find in the cookbook, including original recipes. 

Recipes from Ghibli Films

  • Gütiokipänjä’s mountain-shaped shokupan and round bread
  • Tombo’s cookies
  • Herring and pumpkin pie
  • Osono’s milk soup
  • Kiki’s pancakes
  • Madame’s chocolate cake

Original Recipes

  • Magic berry soda
  • Witch’s ribbon snack
  • Black cat cake pops
  • Open sandwich in the attic
  • Dragonfly-striped cake

The recipe book is currently only available in Japanese. However, the detailed step-by-step images should be enough to guide most people. And if all else fails, the scan function of Google Translate should help.

You can preorder the cookbook for ¥1,760 on Amazon Japan here.

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