Earlier this year, the coffee giant opened its largest location along the Meguro River with a luxurious Japan-inspired interior and offering an intimate eye-to-eye with the cherry blossom trees. This fall, Starbucks brings the experience downtown with a smaller but equally beautiful shop in Ginza.

Taking the form of a compact two-story space, the Starbucks Reserve Store, located along Marronnier street in Ginza recreates the same cozy atmosphere and stylish decor, including copper details, beautiful wooden counters and washi wallpaper. Here, you’ll be able to savor a selection of beans roasted at the Nakameguro Starbucks Reserve Roastery and buttery pastries shipped from Daikanyama.

Starbucks Drip in Ginza

We’ve all been there: you find a coffee shop with an interesting menu and you hope you’ll get a seat to sip your drink slowly, maybe read a book or catch up with emails. If you’ve walked around Ginza before, you’ll know that finding a café with a free table is a rare event. Despite efforts to recreate the grandeur of the mother roastery, the Ginza location does bring something new to the table: a solution for an all-too-common problem.

It’s been a long time coming.

For the first time in Japan, Starbucks is introducing a seat-reservation system. Whether you’re in need of a place to meet with your study group, planning a reunion with high school friends or simply spending a day in the neighborhood, you can now reserve your seat before you set foot in the store. Nobody will judge if you stick to Starbucks basics, but this location also has an exclusive menu including a revamped ginger ale-infused coffee drink, a creamy Americano, a citrusy selection of tea mocktails and an alcohol selection for evening meetings. Being able to book your spot to enjoy all of these with peace of mind isn’t something you can do at every Starbucks location.

World-renowned Italian baker Rocco Princi, who brought his succulent desserts to the Reserve Roastery, once again contributed to the creation of a diverse menu of delicious pastries that won’t even make you feel guilty for cheating on your diet. Those looking for something with a little more substance can also choose among Ginza-location exclusive options. Robust salads, lasagna and sandwiches filled with flavorful cold meats are sure to satisfy your mid-afternoon hunger.

Even if you don’t have the time to sit down and chillax and stop by only to pick up an iced coffee to go, you’ll be charmed by the location’s impressive stature, feeling right at home in one of Tokyo’s most posh areas.