If ever you need a quick and dirty sushi fix, you can pretty much duck into any Sushi-Zanmai around town and know that the quality and taste will be fantastic. Known as the ‘King of Tuna,’ the restaurant has all your usual cuts of tuna, and sometimes there are even tuna sales during which the tuna sushi is 50 percent off. Best known for their original restaurant located just outside Tsukiji, they have now opened outlets in convenient locations like Shibuya, Ginza and Roppongi.

Occasionally they will offer ‘lunch specials’ like the one I had below:

For ¥1,050 you can’t go wrong. This set also came with miso soup and a cup of charamushi (steamed egg). The restaurant is designed for quick-turnovers during lunch or after work so the interior is nothing fancy, but if you are looking for something fast and fulfilling, try this instead of McDonalds or Doutor.


–Rebekah Chan