The time has come to explore more of Japan’s local softcream flavors. Where will our journey take us next?

Did you know that Nissei was the first company to sell softcream in Japan? Today, the softcream giant makes 70% of all cones in Japan, 65% of all softcream freezers in Japan and 55% of all softcream mix in Japan. All this to say, we can thank Nissei for providing Japan residents with seemingly endless supplies of softcream all year long.

In our latest video series, Softcream Adventures, we’ve partnered with Nissei to show you some of the great sights around Japan and the softcream that you can taste only in a particular area. Loyal TW readers might have seen a previous guide we did on several unique flavors of softcream from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Softcream Adventures will dive much deeper, climb much higher, and travel much further to bring you the best of the best of this sweet treat.

September’s Softcream Flavor: Mentaiko in Ibaraki Prefecture

This month we are in Oarai city, Ibaraki, to try mentaiko-flavored softcream. Ibaraki is a seafood lover’s paradise, and so it felt natural that their regional flavor was none other than cod roe. After tasting shirasu softcream in Enoshima, we are convinced fish and softcream can be a delicious combination. We headed to Oarai Mentai Park, where you can find all things cod roe, to try this local creamy dessert.

A big thanks to Nissei for sponsoring our Softcream Adventures series. Nissei is a leading manufacturer specialized in soft serve ice cream products. They are behind the many delicious flavors of softcream you can find all over Japan – and we will travel around the country to show them to you.

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