The “Midtown Loves Summer 2019” is an event meant to help Tokyo denizens escape the blistering heat during the summer months. As part of the campaign, Tokyo Midtown will be providing a safe refuge where everyone will be able to cool down and kick back with a uniquely Japanese gin cocktail.

The theme of the Roku Midpark Lounge is “A cool summer breeze in Tokyo.” As such, the outside relaxation area will be full of trees offering their shade to the guests, as well as specially-designed “grass couches.” To help keep the guests cool, the lounge will also provide a selection of refreshing cocktails made with Roku gin. Named so for the six (“roku” means “six” in Japanese) “very special botanicals” that go into every bottle, Roku has emerged as the premier craft gin in all of Japan.

The lounge will be open for a limited time from July 12 to August 25.

For more information, visit the PR TIMES (Japanese only).