Yakiniku Futago 37 West 17th St., first founded in New York in May 2015, has won praise from many corners, including Michelin, who wrote its “stunning beef quality-cuts like black Wagyu or Hamideru kalbi are fantastically creamy, bold in meaty flavors and rich with fatty notes.”

Now, Yakiniku Futago is coming to Tokyo. Opening August 25, 2017 in Shinbashi, Futago is the first in the industry to practice what they call the “owners’ beef system.” Customers purchase a lump of high-quality beef, which is stored in the restaurant’s meat cellar. Meanwhile, the restaurant carefully monitors the aging of the meat, quantity remaining and freshness, and serves it at its best when its owner makes a visit to the restaurant (3 months maximum).

Yakiniku Futago also offers unique fusion courses, updated every two months, which employ various in-season foods. What’s more, they offer suggestions on cocktail, champagne and wine pairings.

The restaurant’s elegant, “New York traditional” aesthetic features lavish sparkling chandeliers and a classical bar lounge. At the same time, it’s a relaxing space suitable for a quick bite with friends or a business lunch or dinner.

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