There’s nothing quite like a nice sushi dinner. But it’s not always easy. Conveyor belt-style kaitenzushi restaurants feel a bit too casual while more elegant places in Tokyo can break your wallet with just one serving. The Sushi Aoi restaurant in Aobadai, Yokohama, which opened its doors on December 6, aims to find a middle dining ground for enjoying Japan’s classic food while also getting everyone excited about pre-sushi.

Aoi actually purchases whole tunas and cuts them up at the restaurant, which not only guarantees freshness but also keeps the costs low. That’s how they can get away with selling fatty cuts of tuna for as low as 200 yen. But before you order, Aoi wants you to sit back in their casually elegant restaurant (suitable for couples, families with children, or solo diners) and order a side dish or two. That’s what they call “sushi mae” or “pre-sushi”: something to tide you over as you savor the anticipation of the sushi to come. Check it out yourself if you’re ever in the area.

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