Tsukiji Marutake has been serving tamagoyaki to hungry Tokyoites for over 100 years now. Founded way back during the Taisho era, the stand specializes in Japan’s traditional rolled, multi-layer omelets typically prepared in a special rectangular pan. On June 27, however, Marutake has expanded beyond tamagoyaki with the grand opening of Tsukiji Marutake Shokudo.

The new restaurant, found in the charming Ningyocho district of Nihonbashi, Tokyo, will continue to serve lunch sets with their trademarked fluffy omelets during the day. At night, though, the establishment will transform into a casual eatery for the sophisticated adult, serving specially selected sushi dishes paired with nihonshu sake. Appropriate, considering that Marutake’s roots go back to Tsukiji, once famous for their sprawling fish market (currently relocated to Toyosu.) Marutake’s bluefin tuna alone is apparently more than worth the visit to the new location.

For more information, visit the PR TIMES (Japanese only).