Over the holidays, there’s likely going to be a moment when you’ll just want to stay in amidst all the holiday revelry, and still enjoy some good food while you’re at it.

Maishoku is an online service that puts you in touch with more than 200 different restaurants, with a variety of cuisines that ranges from American and Italian to Thai and Vietnamese. The service allows small restaurants to process credit cards and handle orders around the clock, letting them focus on the cooking. You can schedule delivery for a specific time, and even place advance orders when the restaurants are closed.

The service can be arranged in connection with meal reimbursement programs at companies, and Maishoku also covers catering for parties and events. For more details about how to choose a variety of mouthwatering meals in a few clicks, visit Maishoku.

And until January 5, 2015, you can get a 15% discount on all orders up to ¥10,000. Just enter the code xmas14week at checkout.