As the muscle-bound among us know, getting that beach body isn’t just about hitting the gym – it’s also about what you eat. They’ll probably also tell you that it can be a challenge to find meals that strike the right balance of nutrients and also, you know, actually taste good.

Enter Muscle Deli, a mail-order food delivery service designed to do just that.

The service, which debuted in Japan May 25, delivers what are essentially high-protein, low-sugar bento boxes to your home.

The Muscle Deli meals, which are created by dietitians, are separated into three categories: weight reduction, maintenance and muscle gain. A sampling of meals shows items like grilled chicken with salt-marinated rice, salmon with three-color rice and hamburger with marinated vegetables. Five-meal sets start at ¥5,300, and can be ordered online or at many gyms throughout the city.

(Note: Unfortunately, eating Muscle Deli meals does not actually replace working out. Bummer.)

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