Hirako, the popular Miyazaki restaurant famous for its use of high-quality Japanese chickens, has opened its first yakitori store in Tokyo in the Nishi-Azabu area. The restaurant’s style has often been compared to that of a sushi restaurant because of their serving of grilled chicken without skewers on rectangular blocks, much like you would a piece of sushi.

Although yakitori grilled chicken is mostly thought of as bar or festival food, Hirako has elevated it to a true art form. It all starts with the chickens themselves, which have been carefully chosen and raised by the restaurant’s owner at his Miyazaki chicken ranch.

Hirako is also the only place where you’ll be able to taste their legendary “Chicken Chateaubriand,” a thick cut of poultry modeled on the popular beef steak. Prized for its rich and juicy flavor, it takes one entire bird to produce just two slabs of Chicken Chateaubriand. Guests are advised to defer to the chef for the nihonshu alcohol pairings for all of the restaurant’s dishes.

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