Since first opening its doors on June 7, the Niku no Kotobuki bar has been introducing the Toranomon district of Tokyo to a whole new world of culinary delights. Their signature dishes are the Lava-Rock Roasted Meat, which is beef that’s been slightly cooked to give it some color before being served on a lava rock plate, and the self-explanatory Low-Temp Grilled Meat. To bring out the full, rich taste of their dishes, the bar also offers four original condiment pairings made from onions, cloud ear mushrooms, leek, and Japanese wild ginger.

But that’s not the pairing that Niku no Kotobuki prides itself on the most.

The bar also has an impressive selection of nihonshu sake that goes perfectly with their food. Rather than classifying it as sweet or dry, the bar has four sake categories: light and easy to drink, fruity and rich, bold and flavorful, or sake for drinking during the meal that you’ll never get tired of.

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