Walking into Ramen Kamuro, the long wooden bench and barstools make you feel as if you stepped into the warm, time-worn confines of a long-established family ramen restaurant. However, further inspection reveals sparkling clean pots, vents and utensils and modern light installations that provide a refined, casual edge.

Opened in 2016, chicken is king at this ramen shop conveniently located two minutes from Ebisu Station. Both house special chicken-based ramens are called “Special Chicken White Ramen,” so check the picture before ordering, as the chintan ramen is light and delicate, while the paitan comes with thicker noodles and a creamier broth.

Chintan Ramen – Clear Plain Chicken Ramen

Paitan Ramen – Creamy White Chicken Ramen

Both special ramens feature tender, juicy chicken raised chemical-free in Japan. Prepared three ways, diners can enjoy slices of mouthwatering chicken char siu, boiled chicken and slow-roasted chicken toppings all in one bowl.

Every ramen chef takes pride in their broth, and the chefs of Ramen Kamuro should take a bow. This is a flavorful, light chicken soup you will want to drink to the last drop.
Simply flavored with chicken bone and simmered overnight, the clear and delicate broth won’t feel heavy on your stomach and has a flavor reminiscent of healthy, homemade chicken soup.

With every ingredient sourced from Japan, the bountiful fresh vegetables, from flavor-bursting fruit tomatoes to a crisp green bean, enhance the farm-fresh, hearty helping of ramen. The tender noodles with the perfect amount of firmness are the ideal complement and the dab of housemade chili pepper and yuzu sauce makes the flavors meld on the palate.

Open daily from 11:30am–4am, Ramen Kamuro is a convenient spot for lunch, dinner or an after hours pick-me-up. This tasty, refreshing ramen won’t break the bank either as both specialty ramens, the most expensive items on the menu, are a wallet-friendly ¥1,150. In addition to draft beer, customers have the opportunity to wash down their noodles with Heineken or Hitachino Next craft beer.

For Ramen Kamuro’s contact information and opening hours, see our Concierge listing.


Photos by Rose Vittayaset