Tokyo is known for a number of backstreets and alleyways, also known as yokocho, where you can grab a bite to eat in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The newest of these alleyways, Tokyo Umai Yokocho, launches in July with a unique twist: each month will feature a whole new set of stores based around a single theme. July’s theme is those mouthwatering dumplings known as gyoza, and August is curry and meat. Other items are also available, and because Tokyo is heating up, everything is made to match with a nice cold beer.

The impetus behind Tokyo Umai Yokocho seems to be twofold: the rising popularity of these gourmet alleyways among overseas visitors, as well as amongst women (who knew gyoza and meaty dishes would be the next big thing for girls’ nights out!). But whether you’re a tourist, heading out with the girls, or just want to chomp on some delicious dishes, Tokyo Umai Yokocho is definitely a spot to check out.

The alley launches on July 14 under the railway leading from Akihabara Station, and is open from 12pm to 10:30pm daily (last order 10pm). It’s only staying open until October 31, so make sure to visit soon (and often).

For more details, visit Tokyo Umai Yokocho’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and PR TIMES (Japanese only).