If it feels like half the culinary conversations you have these days are about whether you like coriander – or pakuchi, as it’s called in Japanese – you are not alone. The herb, alternatively known as cilantro or Chinese parsley, is, despite its detractors, all the rage in Tokyo right now.

If you lean toward the coriander side of the Force, as do we (well, most of us, anyway) here at Weekender, you might want to give Niku Bar Camo Shotta Negi a peep.

Located in Shinbashi, the restaurant features plentiful amounts of pakuchi in its dishes, including roasted duck, hamburger, Spanish-style garlic shrimp and even in desserts and drinks like frozen yogurt and tequila.

Still not convinced? Keep in mind coriander contains plenty of vitamin C and many other nutrients, as is known as a great detoxifier – so don’t feel too bad about grabbing a glass or two of Niku Bar Camo Shotta Negi’s selection of organic wines.

May the coriander be with you.

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