The history of the Cova pasticceria (an Italian shop selling pastries and cakes) goes back to 1817. That’s when the shop was first opened in Milan, and since then they have expanded to 20 locations around the world, bringing with them centuries of tradition and the unforgettable taste of Italian confectionary. And now, they have arrived in Ginza, making Tokyo’s already upscale neighborhood just a little bit more luxurious.

Ginza’s Café Cova Milano opened its doors on September 12 in Ginza Six, a luxury shopping complex. The interior of the new location has been modeled closely after the flagship store located in Milan, and includes such touches as antique mirrors, sofas draped in velvet, crystal chandeliers, and more. A sweet break at Ginza’s Café Corva will make you feel as if you were transported straight to Italy.

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