No sound provides greater contentment – or is more adorable – than the purr of a kitten. The all-you-can-eat sweets, conveniently served by conveyor belt nonetheless, at Maison Able Café Ron Ron in Harajuku encompass the cuteness of this soul-soothing, harmonious sound.

Named for “ron ron,” the French onomatopoeia that refers to the purring sound of cats, the overall atmosphere of Maison Able Café Ron Ron blends seamlessly with Harajuku, Tokyo’s home for kawaii culture.

This simple restaurant awash in pastels and French influence allows those with a sweet tooth to indulge in dainty bites of Japan’s iconic pastry and wagashi treats, whether you’re pining for mochi’s gummy goodness or the delicate smoothness of whipped cream.

Opened in 2018, Café Ron Ron offers a versatile menu that changes with the seasons and combines the popular Tokyo concepts of all-you-can-eat sweets with conveyor-belt sushi. For a little more than ¥2,000, guests can grab as many sweets as they desire from the revolving plates within 40 minutes. The price includes one colorful drink in a charming bottle.

Exclusive to the spring menu is the dango, a Japanese sweet dumpling that is traditionally eaten during cherry blossom viewing. This pint-sized delicacy at Maison Able Café Ron Ron is half the normal size allowing visitors to sample even more limited option sweets. Other current menu items incorporating the essence of cherry blossoms are the sakura-mochi (sweet pink-colored rice cake with a red bean paste) and sakura-flavored roll cake with a cute cat biscuit.

The café has a ticket machine at the entrance that has information written in both Japanese and English, so don’t worry about being stuck with the complicated system. Simply enjoy the purr-fect sweets experience.

To go inside Maison Able Café Ron Ron, check out the video review on Tokyo Kawaii Channel.