Directly connected to Tokyo Skytree, Edo Tokyo Sushitsune in Tokyo Solamachi prides itself on only using the freshest ingredients. As an added bonus, you can watch your meal being prepared as skilled sushi chefs delicately piece together your food before your eyes.

Eating-in and Old School Standing

As soon as you walk through the door, you’ll see sushi chefs hard at work at their craft. Take a seat at the counter surrounding their workspace to watch them deftly piece together exquisite dishes while you wait — or choose one of the nearby tables for a more intimate dining experience with your dinner partners. There are even so-called standing seats, a throwback to old Edo times when sushi was primarily a fast food served at portable stalls. A comfortable atmosphere whether you’re looking for a relaxing meal or a quick bite on the go.

The Freshest Fish — With a Show

Edo Tokyo Sushitsune is a chain store with shops across the Kanto region. The main restaurant is in salaryman-center Otsuka in Toshima-ku, while the Tokyo Solamachi Stand, located in tourist-heavy Akasaka, has a more sophisticated flair. Because Edo Tokyo Sushitsune has multiple locations, it has some serious buying power, allowing it to source fish from Ajiro City in Shizuoka at a great price. The fish is delivered directly to the store as needed, ensuring the freshest fish at all times. Tokyo Sushitsune also orders high-grade tuna from Kyushu’s Kagoshima and Oita prefectures. Drop by on the weekend for a tuna show — chefs will chop the fish up with dextrous skill before serving it to you.

Ninami — The Best Selection on One Plate

The Ninami Plate is a large vermillion serving dish topped with the most succulent sushi to appease even the biggest of appetites. It features sushi classics such as toro tuna, uni (sea urchin), ikura (roe), and more, laid out beautifully like a work of art. The pieces of fish are so big that they almost engulf the rice that they’re delicately placed upon. As for wild tuna, only the best bits of the belly are used. You’ll be spoiled for choice with this selection of great flavor and variety, all on one single plate.

Surprise! Tamagoyaki Served on a Roof Tile

There are plenty of options besides sushi, one of the most fascinating ones being the tamagoyaki. Instead of being served on a plate, this soft and fluffy egg dish is served piping hot on a traditional roof tile, known as kawara. The tile keeps the tamagoyaki warm longer than a traditional ceramic plate, making it easy to enjoy without having to rush.

Hospitality and Heart

Edo Tokyo Sushitsume’s Solamachi location offers high-quality fare and service in a relaxing space. You’ll find special menus exclusive to this restaurant, including a ladies’ menu with smaller-sized sushi — perfect for sushi newbies and those with small appetites. Drop by on the way to Tokyo Skytree or for a break from exploring the area — Edo Tokyo Sushitsune is located on the 7th floor in the same building as Oshiage Station for easy access.

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