With the blooming of the pink sakura, spring is starting to arrive in Tokyo. Cherry blossoms are truly the symbol of the season, and these 9 places are embracing the tradition with sakura sweets and savories. Find the perfect treat that will impress your friends at this year’s hanami party.

Sakura Sweets at Palace Hotel Tokyo

Palace Hotel Tokyo’s Pastry Shop, Sweets & Deli presents various sakura sweets and pastries to celebrate the spring season. “Ichi no Ichi no Ichi Sakura”, a pound cake made from Palace Hotel Tokyo’s original sake with salted sakura leaves, is an annual favorite among visitors. The sweet and sour strawberries mixed with white chocolate sandwiched between two sakura-shaped wafers of the “Sakura Crunch” makes a perfect omiyage for friends, family and coworkers. Some of the sakura breads include a sakura and matcha an-pan (red-bean filled roll) and a sakura and cherry brioche. ///scanner.making.format

Cherry Blossom Afternoon Tea at Hotel Chinzan-so

Pink savories and sweets including macarons, cherry jelly, cherry cream sandwiches is served at Le Jardin. The exclusive specialities for this season are mugwort and cherry scones. Enjoy a sakura-pink-colored afternoon tea with a gorgeous garden view. No reservations are available for the weekend. ///vitamins.cardinal.tipping

Ginza Six Spring 2020

To celebrate the upcoming spring season, Ginza Six presents a parade of sweets and treats based on the concept of spring in Ginza. There are a variety of sweets including pink sweets, “wa” (Japanese-style) sweets and flower sweets that can be customized to your own liking. There will be Ginza Six-exclusive spring specials including a Strawberry Sweet Afternoon Tea at The Grand Ginza, a Spring Lover cocktail at the Café Cova Milano, and more. ///copy.enormous.plan

Spring Treats at Tokyo Kaikan

Tokyo Kaikan springs to life as it presents its sakura- and spring-themed sweets, cocktails and courses. Various seasonal ingredients including rapeseed blossoms, fuki (butterburs), bamboo shoots and orui (hosta montana) and high-quality ingredients such as lobster and Sisteron lamb will be used in its courses. Also enjoy a spring-themed afternoon high tea that includes a beautiful parade of all-things pink and green – sakura macarons, sakura espuma, matcha poundcake, matcha cream puffs and more. ///eternity.padlock.loudly

Spring Week at Ecute

Spring is certainly a delightful sight and Ecute has got it on point. Four stations with Ecute locations; Tokyo Station, Shinagawa Station, Ueno Station and Tachikawa Station are hosting Spring Week. Both sweet and savory treats and other spring-related delicacies can be purchased. From sakura pink desserts and savories to celebratory chirashi sushi, no doubt you can find the perfect sakura pink treat to fit your celebration of the spring season. ///forgot.pining.nursery


Sakura Shrimp Sushi Rolls at Shari

Opening this bento box under a sakura tree would certainly feel like opening a treasure chest. This Hanami Sushi Roll Bento boasts 12 kinds of sushi rolls with a total of 36 rolls inside. Its sakura pink color is naturally colored with red shiso leaves. The Sakura Shrimp Sushi Roll is filled with rapeseed blossoms, okura, yam, egg and of course sakura shrimp. The Hanami Sushi Roll Bento can be purchased at Shari, Shari the Tokyo Sushi Bar and Craft. ///feels.zones.grounded

Sakura Strawberry Cake Set at Hyatt Centric Ginza

Pastry chef Ryuichi Osawa offers a limited-time cake set with plenty of cherry blossoms and strawberries to enjoy the spring at Hyatt Centric Ginza. Seven kinds of sweets are available. The slight salty taste of the pickled cherry blossom and cherry blossom bean paste accentuates the gentle aroma of sweet yet sour strawberries, creating an exquisite combination. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with the cute sakura and strawberry pink sweets. Note: Limited quantity. Online reservations required. ///country.vest.jazzy

Sakura Sake Cocktails and Sweets at Kubota Sake Bar

From March 7 through April 12, Kubota Sake Bar at Shibuya Parco serve sakura-themed cocktails and confectioneries. The sweet and sour cocktail (¥800) is based on the sake Junmai Kubota Daiginjo, and the two varieties of cherries are mixed with fresh cream and milk and decorated with mascarpone. In the shape of the perfect cherry blossom, the three varieties of sweets (¥800) come from the long-established Japanese Niigata Prefecture-based confectionery shop. ///deform.care.parks

Sakura Sweets at Hotel Chinzan-so

Hotel Chinzan-so’s pastry and sweet shop presents three sakura-themed cakes and desserts. This season, a sakura roll-cake, sakura and pistachio panna cotta and a cubed sakura sponge cake will be sold exclusively. Definitely a feast for the eyes and palate. ///vitamins.cardinal.tipping