Finger-length nails bedecked in beads, charms and just about everything that can possibly fit on a nail are some of the current fashion trends for the younger generation in Japan. The only thing missing are nails that light up.

Well, that base is now covered. Japanese toy company Takara Tomy ARTS caught up with the trend gap and unveiled stick-on fingernails that light up when you make a call.

The “Lumi Deco Nail,” recently unveiled at an exhibition in Tokyo, needs only an Android smartphone to set them a-glowing any time you make a phone call or whenever you use an electronic payment card such as a train pass.

Using a technology called Near Field Communication, in which small amounts of power are transferred between very short distances, Takara developed a wearable, micro-thin LED sticker that glows.

The toy company launched the product to the market last week, said company spokeswoman Misayo Aruga. A set of 16 intricately designed nail stickers—one of which contains the LED—will sell for about 1,200 yen ($12).

The company said it will consider launching the nail decals abroad after seeing how they perform on the Japanese market.

“I am now wearing it on the middle finger of my right hand. It blinks whenever I pass through train gates, which lifts my heart a bit,” Aruga told AFP.

By Maesie Bertumen

Image: Sebra /