If you could play the city of Tokyo, what would it sound like?

Everyone has their favorite sights and sounds around Tokyo. Now, in celebration of Roppongi Hills’s 10th anniversary, the Mori company has created a miniature, “playable” model of the city that lets you compose your own Tokyo soundscape.

Starting with a 1:1000 scale model of the city, the web application uses 3D projections that overlay a variety of patterns onto the buildings around Roppongi Hills.

You can choose three different “versions” of Tokyo to make your composition on: Future City, Rock City (which looks like it has more than a touch of Takashi Murakami’s style), and Edo City. Each version looks at the area from a different perspective, and has a different set of sounds.

Once you’ve chosen which city you want to make your composition with, you can create your own sequence of sounds and patterns, and share your masterpieces on Facebook or Twitter.

You can peek behind the curtain to see how the whole thing works in the video below: