by The Weekender
Let’s face it, constantly checking your email, watching Youtube, or updating your Facebook status is the antithesis of a healthy lifestyle.

Technogym “Run Personal”

Modern technology has undoubtedly improved the lives of many people through ease of use and pure convenience but it could also be responsible for rising levels of diabetes, obesity and cancer. For many city dwellers, modern life presents a stark choice; hit the gym, or switch on the iPad—until now.
Technogym’s “Run Personal”,  is a new creation by Milan based furniture designer, Antonio Citterio, and has just been released in Japan. The jaw dropping treadmill combines cutting edge, multi-media technology with professional gym equipment. The result looks so good, it would be a shame to let overweight Twitter nerds near it.

For busy professionals this may be the most useful (and the most expensive) piece of kit you buy this year. From fun games, iPhone docking, TV and web access—to truly useful fitness programs, the technogym feels like the future of exercise has finally arrived.

Best feature? Train correctly and effectively with video-training support and save both your workout program and results onto a memory device.

Run Personal costs ¥1,470,000 from

Technogym Japan.