by Nichiai

If you are a home, SOHO or a small business PC / net­work user who has a DSL or cable connection to the Internet, most likely you are thinking: “I’m not a large corporation with high-tech secrets worth stealing. Surely I don’t have anything that hackers could want or use. Why should I invest in security?”

In a series of three articles titled ‘Security 101’, we aim to deliver valuable information that will enable you to knowledgably evaluate your need for security.

In this first article, we will look briefly throught who the “bad guys” are, what they may want and why they would target you.

Who are “They”?

“They” can be anyone from bored school kids to people with malicious intentions. Hacking “tools” can be found easily on websites, web forums, and even at your local bookstore. Anyone can become a “hacker” and a potential threat to your network.

What do they want?

Here are some examples of what hackers could want from you:

❖  Your computing resources

❖  Your Internet connection bandwidth

❖  Your network/PC identity

❖  Your personal or corporate identity

❖  A place to practice

Why me?

Why would a hacker bother with you?

Who is easier to target, home and small to medium-sized com­panies who do not think there is a need to invest in network security, or a large organization that invests in the latest security solu­tions?

Hacking is indiscriminate. Usually, you will be a random victim. Hackers first test for vulnerability, which is generally done with scanning tools that query blocks of arbitrary Internet addresses, hunting for gaps in ANY network or PC con­nected to the Internet.

There have been several studies that estimate about one in two small/medium companies will be hacked this year. The majority of those attacked will not even realize it.

Without security, you are exposed to the risk of being hacked. Not because hackers are specifically targeting you, but because you are an easy target and there is less chance of them getting caught.

Note: Next month we will look at the real risks you are fac­ing without adequate security.

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