This is not a joke, apparently. 

Take a look at this video and check out the new possibilities Honda says its Uni-Cub will give us. Actually, it’s not dissimilar to a Segway, only this time you can sit down while it whisks you around. See the office ladies relaxing on their way to a meeting, ultra-cool as they check out each other’s lovely identical sweaters? Imagine ASIMO on one of these!

We wonder how much it will cost to put in the ramp that makes changing floors possible – we’re all for companies providing accessibility in the workplace, but this could be a step too far for many. We are reminded of this great gadget, shown off at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, which aims to help wheelchair users travel distances more easily.

What’s the etiquette in the lift/elevator, and do we drive on the right or the left? Come to think of it, does anyone in Tokyo have office space wide enough to consider that there are ‘lanes’ in place? We think not. Still, it does look fun, if a little tame.

The more we watch this video of Honda’s latest in a long line of innovative products, the more we wonder whether it is for real. The future of the office? Who knows. The future of the museum? Well, maybe, but they’d have to tune up the security guard’s pod in case he has to chase a dinosaur bone thief.