A research group at Chiba University, led by Professor Emeritus Masahiro Mii and researcher Dong Poh Chin, has developed the world’s first fluorescent orchid. The Glowing Phalaenopsis Orchid emits yellow-green fluorescence under black light. Not only the petals, but the entire plant body glows.

How to Create A Fluorescent Orchid

This was achieved by introducing a gene for a fluorescent protein that was successfully isolated from Cyridius poppei, a type of marine plankton. The fluorescent protein was developed by NEC Solution Innovators and Nara Institute of Science and Technology. The Chiba University team used this and genetically modified a white-flowered Phalaenopsis variety.

The Phalaenopsis orchid, also known as a moth orchid, is one of the most popular varieties used as a decorative plant for homes and public spaces.

Where to See the Glowing Orchid

This “Glowing Phalaenopsis Orchid” will be exhibited for the first time at the World Orchid Show 2024, which will be held at Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall from February 7 to 14. It is the 34th iteration of one of Japan’s largest flower festivals.

This year’s exhibition will feature more than 1,000 orchid species and will have a welcome gate made up of 100,000 orchids at the entrance. As you pass through the entrance gate, you’ll find the “Flower Garden in the Sky,” which has walls over 4 meters high filled with orchids. There’s also the jet-black “Fantasy Orchid Night” with innovative decorations.

Many of the world’s most skilled flower artists will be in attendance and a Grand Prix will be given to the most beautiful orchid.

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