Remember what it was like to play on the playground when you were a kid? Chasing your friends, swinging along on the jungle gym…you probably didn’t realize just how much exercise you were getting, because you were more focused on having fun. Now you might not be able to go back to the recess breaks of those early days, but it doesn’t mean that getting fit—and keeping fit—has to be a grind.

The TokyoFit crew offers outdoor workouts in a playground area near Ebisu and Hiroo Stations, and although the gym setting might be low-tech, the workout routines will push you to the limit. Every day offers a different set of challenges that will have you building endurance, strength, power, and flexibility, in a small-group environment that combines the individualized attention of a personal training session with the camaraderie and encouragement that comes with working alongside friends.

Between them, TokyoFit trainers Chris Colucci and Allan Wooding have 15 years of experience in fitness coaching, and know how to keep you motivated during your evening workout—which might find yourself doing deadlifts and pull-ups one day, and sprints and the kettlebell swings another—and will have you always looking forward to the next one. TokyoFit’s students come from a broad mix of male and female clients from overseas and Japan, and all fitness levels are welcome.

Once they’ve completed their introductory sessions, TokyoFit clients can sign up online for workouts that are held nearly every weekday from 19:15 to 20:15. In addition, individual workouts can be scheduled by appointment, and on-location corporate classes are also available. Chris and Allan can also help clients stay fit when they’re on the road by building personal training programs for them.

Drop in for a free introductory workout to get some fresh air, and find out just how much fun it can be to push, sprint, and jump yourself into a new level of fitness.

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Tokyo Fit trainers Chris Colucci and Allan Wooding