As the weather warms up, Tokyo comes to life with a plethora of exciting events, activities and collaborations. Just announced is the 20th Anniversary Monster Hunter VR exhibition happening in Roppongi. To keep the monster theme going, we’re sharing a look at a rare item, a sculpted Godzilla wallet that you can purchase for yourself or your kaiju-loving best friend. As for time outdoors, we have the new park expansion at Tokyo DisneySea to look forward to. And if you are going outside, it’s best to protect your skin with this Pokemon UV Primer from the Japanese makeup brand, &be.

monster hunter vr

Monster Hunter VR Exhibit Celebrates the Franchise’s 20 Year Anniversary

Fans of the famous Capcom series should head on over to the Mori Arts Center Gallery in Roppongi Hills. From July 19 until September 8, gamers can delve deep into the world of Monster Hunter through a thrilling augmented reality (AR) experience. The exhibit is called “Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary – Great Hunter Exhibition” and will include features such as the Anniversary Theatre, the Monster Encyclopedia AR Experience, the Black Dragon Invasion and more. These will take the form of larger than life monsters skulking around, so you can observe them up close and even interact with them.

For a premium experience, all guests will be equipped with the latest Meta Quest 3 AR headset. Further details are light for now, but based on the images provided, we can see that the Armor Interactive feature showcases a ton of cool armor belonging to large monsters that have appeared in the Monster Hunter series. Through the Weapon Projection, guests will be able to enjoy the experience of forging weapons that they can hold in their hands. All 14 weapon types from the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne game are set to make an appearance here.

Get your tickets over on Ticket Pia, starting at 10 a.m. on May 22, 2024. There will also be special tickets that can be purchased together with a limited edition set of 30 Monster Hunter-themed postcards. Some of these postcards also have a holographic design on them to really make the image pop. Serious collectors should pay attention to the limited edition 5,000-piece box set. The box itself is modeled after the scales of Fatalis (“Miraboreas” in Japanese), one of the main dragons featured in several Monster Hunter games. 

Regular ticket prices range from ¥3,200 to ¥3,900 for adults. For more information, check out the official website.

godzilla wallet

Swag Out Like The King of Monsters With This Sculpted Godzilla Wallet

A brand-new wallet has been released to commemorate Godzilla’s 70th anniversary. Perhaps the wallet itself is a symbol of how much money the franchise has made worldwide considering the box office success of Godzilla Minus One. While not actually made from the reptile’s skin, it is heavily inspired by the Godzilla suit that was originally sculpted by Akira Ibaraki.

If Ibaraki’s name sounds familiar it’s because he’s one of the key sculptors on several kaiju-related media projects. He’s best known for his unique way of modeling and ability to add a sense of realism to his work through coloring. 

High-quality cowhide leather is the main material used to craft this wallet. To really give it that larger-than-life effect, the leather has also been embossed using three-dimensional techniques reminiscent of the original model. The front and back sides of the wallet are made based on Godzilla’s chest and lower body, so the texture will feel different depending on which side you’re holding. 

It might look sleek but the wallet actually contains a whopping 19 pockets inside with an all-round zipper to help keep things secure yet easily accessible. The interior is made from a type of durable fabric that should be resistant even with frequent use. As a nice touch, a key ring shaped like Godzilla’s dorsal fin has also been added.

In true homage to the classic films, the box that the wallet comes in has been styled to resemble the 1954 Godzilla film poster. On the sides are also the official 70th anniversary logos, so you know that this is definitely a collectors’ piece.Those interested in claiming a piece of kaiju history can order the wallets directly at Premico. One wallet will set you back ¥32,780 (tax included).

disneysea expansion revealed

Tokyo DisneySea Announces Fantasy Springs, Its New ¥320 Billion Park Expansion

DisneySea continues to remain the happiest place in Japan with this theme park expansion. Confirmed this week is a new section opening in June called Fantasy Springs. The area is based on three of the company’s most whimsical titles: Frozen, Tangled and Peter Pan.

Fantasy Springs spans more than 140,000 square meters according to Oriental Land, the theme park operator. This makes it DisneySea’s biggest expansion since the park first opened in 2001. The new area will cost about ¥320 billion. While this might seem like an astronomical amount of money, the park actually made almost double that amount in 2023 with sales of over ¥618 billion. This record high was largely due to the price hike in entrance fees and an increase in foreign visitors. It is forecast that Fantasy Springs will bring in an additional 10% in sales for 2024.

What we know so is that Fantasy Springs will have three new areas known as Frozen Kingdom, Peter Pan’s Neverland and Rapunzel’s Forest. In Frozen Kingdom, guests will be able to embark on Anna and Elsa’s journey by boat. The ride takes you through the heartwarming adventures of the two sisters whose love for each other saves the kingdom of Arendelle from an eternal winter. 

Peter Pan’s Neverland Adventure will bear a lot of similarities as it is also a boat ride. However, the attraction includes an immersive 3D experience as you’ll be part of the Lost Boys trying to rescue John from Captain Hook. Prefer to hang out with Tinker Bell? You can do just that at Pixie Hollow, an attraction in which you deliver parcels in the Fairy Valley.

The last but dreamiest of all is Rapunzel’s Forest, which includes Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival, where you’ll be able to experience the princess’ “best day ever” as she falls in love with Flynn Rider. You’ll also be able to visit some recreations of the film locations. 

Fantasy Springs will open on June 6, 2024. Check out the official Tokyo Disney Resort website for more details and to book tickets in advance.

pokemon makeup

Embrace Summer With The &be x Pokémon Makeup Collection

Pikeachu’s glowing cheeks might have inspired this collaboration. We’re talking about the new makeup line between Japanese brand &be and Pokemon. Just in time for summer the &be base makeup products are getting the Pokemon treatment with this wholesome looking collaboration.

Make-up enthusiasts would already know about the &be UV Primer. It has sold more than 1 million units. It’s also lauded for the amount of coverage it provides plus its ability to give a healthy, dewy look to the skin. As a primer it also offers some skin correction and toning up before adding other skin-related products. Most importantly the products come with a sunscreen rating of SPF50+ making this the perfect base for the long summer days.  

Each of the colors in the collection are represented by a unique Pokemon. The Shiny Glow color is represented by Pikachu and is said to contain gold and pearl pigments for a natural glow. Jigglypuff looks tickled pink in Peach Glow, a product with pink pearls to add a subtle flush. Eevee is the mascot for a standard skin tone color and has fine pearls to give the feeling of firm skin. Snorlax rounds up the crew with Sky Glow, a product that contains light blue pearls to enhance skin clarity. This is actually a brand new color that was specifically released for this collaboration. 

Primer aside, &be has also released a “founcealer” that’s said to be a hybrid product that doubles as foundation and concealer. These come with a cute design of Pikachu and Eevee high-fiving each other and are available in three different colors depending on your skin tone. 

&be can be found in most household, lifestyle and drug stores such as Loft, Atre, Ainz & Tulpe and @cosme. You can find a full list of where to find their products here.

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