Izzy Bizu’s music can be described using the words soul, funk, jazz and pop. Her latest album has already spawned the Japanese top 20 and international smash “White Tiger.” But what words describe the British songstress herself? Talented, charismatic, beautiful and funny were the adjectives that immediately came to mind when meeting her backstage at Club Quattro in Shibuya on a hot spring day. In between hilarious selfies against a coat-rail and giggles with the crew, the 23-year-old spoke openly to Tokyo Weekender about relationships, being on the road and even Japanese babies.

You have such a loyal fan base in Japan. Why do you think the people here have embraced your music?
I don’t really know – I’ve never really asked. I guess maybe they might like the groove and I don’t know if they understand the lyrics but if they do I hope they can relate to them. I love coming here because everyone is so fun and so sweet.

Is there a place you return to each time you touch down in Tokyo?
Each time we try and find new places really. I like discovering new parts of Tokyo. I do like Don Quijote – well actually I liked it for about an hour but then I realized, oh my god, I’m going to be so broke from buying everything and stuff that I don’t need! It’s funny!

How did the tour with Coldplay come about?
I still can’t believe it! They liked “White Tiger” and tweeted me. At first, I thought it was their fans tweeting, which is also really nice, but my management were like no, it’s really Coldplay. Two months later they asked if I could support them on tour. That happened at the start of this year. It’s a big tour and I’m preparing for it as I have such big boots to fill.

Does it ever get lonely on the road?
Sometimes … but I travel with some of my best friends in the band – some I’ve known for years and years. Obviously I miss my family and I miss my girl friends. I’m surrounded a lot by boys who are awesome but sometimes it’s just nice to have your sisters around you, you know? I’m lucky to be able to travel though.


Your album, A Moment Of Madness is full of such beautiful love songs. What’s it like dating Izzy Bizu?
Well you won’t know what’s happening every day as I am quite indecisive, but I do like to really listen. I find psychology really interesting and I like listening to problems and trying to understand where you’re coming from. Also, I like to have fun, and maybe I go out too much! I always like to give the other person lots of freedom because that’s what I want too – for us to both be chilled and have fun with our friends.

What can a handsome Japanese man do to win your heart?
Give me babies! Haha! Just kidding, but oh my god I think Asian babies are so beautiful and cute! I just can’t take it! I love them!

You’re a big Adele fan. If she approached you to do a duet, but the song was “Barbie Girl,” would you do it?
[Thinks for ages] No…I don’t think she would do it either … if we were in karaoke and it was jokes I would, but if it were to release I wouldn’t.


What question are you tired of getting asked in interviews?
Erm, “What made you do music?” [laughs] That was a good question!

What question do you wish people would ask you in interviews?
Oh that’s hard! “What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep?”

What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep?
I went four days without sleep! It was at a festival and then I even went on stage!

A Moment Of Madness is out now on Sony Music Labels.
iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/id1178989204?app=itunes&ls=1

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