Live Music in Tokyo this Sunday

Looking for some Sunday night entertainment without breaking the bank?

Sunday evenings are always a tad grim, as the prospect of going back to work the next day  (for most) doesn’t rhyme with fun. I found the antidote for staying home on Sunday nights in anticipation of harsh Monday mornings, and it involves going out for a last hurrah before setting the alarm clock- nothing too wild, fear not.

This Sunday night, conclude your weekend by checking out some of Tokyo’s local talent, in the form of a live gig, combining a diverse line-up to please every taste. Opening act Rob De & Alex Furk will ease you in with soulful hints of jazz, reggae, pop, rock, and flamenco, mixed with ambient electronic sounds.

Following is duo tomharu, whose electronica/pop sounds will transport you in some kind of smooth electronic dreamland, or perhaps even ‘nostalgic electronica’, written and performed by a pair of longtime pals, producer Haruhito Shimura and vocalist Thomas Hall.

The third act is electronica unit YJY, that consists of a composer/programmer and vocalist, and lastly the closing act is Barberian, a band that fuse together dreamy classical music with a ‘liquidy psychedelia’.

Not sure what it all means? I suggest heading there on Sunday night, as it’s a great chance to see affordable live acts and DJ sets to end the evening before catching last train, with ¥500 drinks all night- not a bad way to end the weekend. Just make sure you keep a tab on those drinks.

Find out the detailed schedule here and sign up for the discount list.

Tokyo Live!

When: Sunday Sept. 23, 18:30-12:00

Where: Fiat Space, 1-4-5 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku (see map)

How much: ¥2000 + one free drink/¥1500 + one free drink (discount list)

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By Vivian Morelli