Hype yourself up with your own adventure on the seven seas with this classic hit. YouTube channel, The First Take has just dropped “We Are!” by Hiroshi Kitadani. As the opening song for the 1999 anime One Piece, it’s widely considered the most popular and most impactful among all of the One Piece theme songs. Feel Kitadani’s energy and powerful vocals in the video here

one piece live action and anime remake confirmed

One Piece Fever Continues with Live Action and Remakes

It’s no surprise to see more and more One Piece related content crop up. The series, which began as a manga by Eiichiro Oda, has been a permanent fixture in the anime and manga scene since the latter’s debut in 1997. August 2022 brought us Netflix’s One Piece Live Action, which catapulted the franchise onto the global stage in a way that welcomed new fans from outside of the otaku-sphere.

Barely two weeks after the premiere, Netflix already confirmed that the live action would be renewed for a second season. In December 2023, it was also announced that Wit Studio would be remaking the anime, also for Netflix. 

The First Take is a YouTube channel dedicated to shooting musicians and singers performing in a single take. Since it started publishing videos four years ago, “The First Take” has grown in popularity due to its strong focus on showcasing Japanese talent.

Owned by Sony Music Entertainment Japan, many of its videos feature acoustic or unique arrangements of original songs. It’s minimalistic backdrop and purported “one take only” nature gives the viewers a much rawer and more authentic perspective on the talents and the music.

This 394th episode is Kitadani’s first appearance on the channel. Other notable anisong performances include “Go!!!” by Flow (the 4th opening song for Naruto), “Kizuna no Kiseki” by Man with a Mission’s and Milet (the 3rd opening theme for Demon Slayer) and Yoasobi’s “Yasashii Suisei” (the second ending theme song for Beastars). 

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