Anime seems to be off to a strong start this 2024, with the release of part 2 of critically acclaimed anime, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. While the Madhouse-produced anime will air on local Japanese television starting from Friday January 5th, Netflix watchers can tune in as early as Saturday January 6th with foreign language subtitles included.

The Story of Frieren

Based on the award-winning manga of the same title by Kanehito Yamada and Tsukasa Abe, the story focuses on Frieren, an elven mage who was once a member of the party who defeated the Demon King and restored harmony to the world. Unlike most action-adventure anime, the series doesn’t focus on the epic adventure saga but instead, on the events that happen after. What Frieren does, how she lives and how she processes the death of her former comrades are all part of the plot as she continues to travel around the world in search of new magic. Both the manga and anime adaptation of Frieren have been lauded for its reflective nature as it uncovers themes such as honoring the dead, processing grief and embracing the passage of time.

While Yoasobi and Milet both performed the first opening and ending theme for Frieren, part two will have a new opening song by Yorushika, called “Hareru.” This marks yet another anisong by the the Japanese rock duo, who previously performed the ending theme for Netflix film, A Whisker Away.

Part two of the anime will continue Frieren’s journey with her new party of adventurers as they head towards Aureole in order to speak to the deceased hero Himmel one more time.

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