OK Go are back with another exciting video that will keep viewers glued to their screens.

Known for their innovative ideas when it comes to moving images representing their songs, their new single is appropriately named “I Won’t Let You Down,” and does not disappoint.
The latest release is part of their fourth album, Hungry Ghosts, and has already has close to 7 million views since they uploaded it on YouTube on Monday. Their unique filming style and complex shots gained a lot attention ever since their 2006 video for “Here It Goes Again”, featuring the quartet dancing on treadmills, which has received over 25 million views to this day.

The new video is shot in one take and features the band moving on self-balancing motor-unicycles (the Honda UNI-CUB, if you’re looking to pick one up for your next music video). A report claims that it took more than 50 takes to perfectly capture the entire sequence, making for a total filming time of 4 hours.

Japanese director Morihiro Harano, who decided to film the entire music video in Japan, revealed some insider information on how these extremely well-timed shots were performed from such unexpected angles. One example: the video was recorded in double time to create the jittery, accelerated effect. The image below was released on OK Go’s Facebook page, revealing one of the scenes behind the camera.


For the mandala-like scene from above that shifts into pixel style writing as the camera moves further and further up into the sky, a manual and GPS-controlled drone was taken 800 meters in the air to film more than 1,500 volunteers for their impressive synchronized umbrella scene.

All these words describe the video nice and well, but for the real deal, watch the video below. It won’t let you down.

—Mona Neuhauss