In yet another example of “who asked for this,” in Japanese marketing, Japanese fast food chain Mos Burger has just announced a new music record label called Mos Records. This recording branch is said to have been created to “support the dreams of staff working at Mos Burger stores,” and as a result, is only open to Mos Burger employees.

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Becoming the Next Burger-Backed Pop Star

The project is said to consist of a three-phase plan to first discover talented individuals, support them and then go on a co-creation journey with them. Kicking off in April 2024, it will see Mos Burger recruit the next generation of Japanese artists from its current staffing roster, which encompasses people working at Mos Burger stores nationwide. 

From there, auditions will be held to find fresh talent with only the best candidates chosen to debut under Mos Records. Mos Records will provide full support for all necessary activities for a distribution debut including the song and music video production. 

The winners will debut on The Kitchen Live, a program by Mos Burger that utilizes the burger shop’s test kitchen. Official Mos Burger social platforms will also support the winners via internet marketing campaigns. The planned schedule should see this project conclude some time after September 2024.

Why Mos Burger is Opening a Music Record Label

While we assumed this was a marketing stunt to get folks talking about Mos Burger, the official reason seems to be related to human resources. According to Mos Burger, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to secure staff in the restaurant industry. By launching Mos Records, it is hoping to tap into Japan’s younger generation by creating a much more attractive working environment. It also hopes that by being transparent about this music journey, it will see engagement rise across the entire business chain.

Interested applicants can find out more information here. Please note that if you already have an exclusive contract with another production company, record maker or music publisher, you will not be able to apply.

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